Rainville Cedar Cottages
Park Season

1. We, Rainville Cedar Cottages, are not responsible for any damages to property rented, owned or leased by you or your care.

2. Each trailer owner must have an active insurance policy for their own equipment at all times.

3. Only one car per trailer lot.

4. Additional cars to be parked at parking lot. There are two visitors’ parking lots for your convenience.

5. Overnight visitors must register at the office and $5.00 per adult, (16 and up) per night.

6. Noise to a minimum after 11:00 PM. All complaints must be addressed to management.

7. Kids must be supervised by an adult at all times when swimming at our beach including our floating dock.

8. Drive slowly on the premises.

9. Do not damage or cut trees without the approval of management.

10. It is each seasonal camper’s responsibility to deposit domestic waste in garbage bin.

11. Seasonal campers are responsible to supply their own picnic table.

12. No household garbage in our garbage bin. Eg. Lawn chairs, tables, paint, etc. Domestic waste only!

13. PETS MUST BE UNDER CONTROL AT ALL TIMES. NO EXCEPTIONS. Stoop & Scoop or the dog has to go!

14. Pet owners are responsible for their pet’s actions.

15. Campfire pits must not be moved and must always be supervised. Never leave an open fire unattended.

16. No cars are to be washed with well water. Use non-potable water when available.

17. No permanent clothes line tied to the trees.

18. Main sewer line must be cleared according to management’s discretion. No storage of any kind on water or sewage lines.

19. No buildings are to be built without a detailed plan approved by management. All construction projects must be completed by July 01.

20. Seasonal campers who are leaving the following year must advise management before closing date. If you pull out your trailer at the beginning of the following year, you will be charged a winter storage fee of $300.00.

21. Hydro and seasonal lot must be paid in full before the park opens or Hydro will not be provided.

22. Anyone caught stealing and/or doing damage on purpose will be banned from the premises with no refund.

23. All boat trailers are to be stored at camper’s residence (NOT ON LOT OR IN VISITORS’ PARKING).

24. Trailers are to be sold individually, not with lot. Trailers older than 1995 cannot be sold on the lot and must be removed from the property and sold separately.

25. All potential new buyers must be approved by Rainville Cedar Cottages Management.

26. New trailers must not be older than year 2000.

27. Please do not throw anything in sewers such as food, sanitary napkins or anything else that could block the pipes.

28. Nobody can stay overnight until Park opens.

29. No fishing off docks where there are boats.

30. Management reserves the right to make any changes. Regulations do not apply to management.

31. A fee of $50 applies for the use of a personal washer. .

This is a nice place to stay, and with your cooperation, it will be even better.
The management and staff of Rainville Cedar Cottages would like to thank
all the campers for their support. Thank You.

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